Preparation Letter for Trance & Transformation

Um einen Einblick in die Workshop Arbeit zu geben, haben Annette & Jan den "Workshop Preperation" Letter zur Veröffentlichung freigegeben. Wir wünschen allen LeserInnen Inspiration für die eigenen Tänze. 

Dear Trance & Transformation participant

Annette and I are so looking forward to see Vienna and meet 5R-friends in at the workshop Trance and Transformation April 19. – 21.  We would like to share a few words about the workshop and help to prepare you for the event we are going to hold together. Sorry it’s a bit long… 


You are invited, to investigate, to explore and to move and be moved by the mysterious, unpredictable and surprising that fundamentally can change our perception and view of what self, the world and experience of life itself, actually is! 

You are invited to be open for perspectives that lie outside the everyday self-awareness, and be open for perspectives that can be seen as, way beyond, what we consider our conditionings, identifications and the identities, we consider our self to be.


Preparation - We would like to invite you to contemplate, reflect and be with some questions… 

We understand that life can be full and if you don’t find time or energy for this invitation, please do not worry… This is only meant to deepen your journey and not required as such. Before we come to the questions we would like to share some thoughts…


Working with intention

An Intention that is found, seen and understood, rather than created and manipulated by thoughts and wishes, can be like a shining lighthouse. A detected or discovered intention, rather than a created or manufactured one, can be a powerful guide to where you are going.

It could be considered a paradox to work with intention. Identifications, thought patterns and self-images that define us as individuals are, by their very nature, limited. When we look for what our intentions could be, rather than manipulating thoughts into a set of wishes or demands - an openness may arise!


So now to the questions!

These questions are intended to allow your thoughts, feelings, hopes and possible concerns to show and also intended to approach the mystical and spiritual experience with an open and receptive mindset. The questions below are meant to help you become aware of your understandings and intentions.  It is also meant to inspire and enrich how you would meet your companions, in this journey and investigation. - Simply notice, for 2 minutes… or so… how this lands in you when you read it?


What would you say, if a friend asked you the following questions?


1. What do you notice about your reason for attending this workshop?

2. How, in what way and why would you say, the 5Rhythms, is so much more than dance?

3. What is your understanding of the mystical- and spiritual aspects of the 5Rhythms?

4. Are there hurts, emotions, beliefs, relations or experiences that you would like to heal or process?

5. What would a happier, more peaceful or better version of “you/me” look like?  


 As said this is only meant to inspire and deepen the Journey. You are of course welcome to Call or write If you have any questions or comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and contemplate.