Trance & Transformation with Annette Uhlemann & Jan Redstedt, DK

19. April - 21. April in Vienna, Austria

Workshop Description

 We have come to the understanding that whatever we as humans can meet, feel, think, sense or experience can change through surrendering to movement.

Rooted in the 5Rhythms Wavesmap this workshop is an investigation where we are invited to hold and create space for each other that is safe to feel, express and move what arises. 

 The Mystical field between awareness and attention. Right here... always and everywhere... unlimited space, subtle vibriating aliveness and total surrender to the universal spaciousness and stillness that our souls long so deeply for. 

 To get out of the way and let life unfold is almost impossible for the human mind, but in our many years of experience with the 5Rhythms, we have come to see that the very surrender to humble uncensored dance, movement and practice can open for the possibility that the essence of being and who we truly are lies in shifting the perspective from the dancer to the dance. Through willingness to see beyond our separate individual and give space rather than take space, we see there is absolutely nothing we can do to achieve what we long for... but if we are really really open;... It may happen!