Wir freuen uns, dass wir diesen Workshop dass wir diesen Workshop erstmalig in Europa anbieten können. Pandemie bedingt wird der Termin im Jahr 2022 stattfinden. Für das genaue Datum in wir gerade in Kontakt mit 5 Rhythmen Global. 

IWarrior in Light, we move from the cultural shadow of the “warrior” to the light filled place of dancing into the world with courage, discipline and love. We ask our inner explorer “what action can I take” in my quest for a better life, a better world, better relationships?


Our inner Warrior in Light gifts us with the discipline and courage to speak our truth and stay on our committed path.


Together, the Explorer and Warrior release the lover in each of us as we put down our shield and welcome love and belonging into our lives. 


If you wish to register please follow this Link:


Registration Open in Fall 2021


Organizational Information


Time table:

Will be announced when the date is fixed



€ 240,-- Regular Price 

€ 190,-- Early Bid with Registration and Payment until 31st of July





If you have any other question, feel free to contact us!