The Power of embodied Being with Erik Iversen

29. April - 01. May in Vienna, Austria

Workshop Description


Each person has their own unique relationship to the sensations in their body, and to their awareness of their relationship to gravity. By traveling around and inside our bodies consciously and playfully, we can shift our attention to different bones, muscles and to new areas we’ve never noticed before; essentially taking ourselves apart while dancing, in order to put ourselves back together again as integrated moving beings.


This is the journey we will take together in this workshop, as Erik guides you in exploring and discovering your individual body map. The tools we’ll be using are breathing, grounding, centering, balance, play and discovery.


Our focus will be tuning in closely to our sensorial experiences and our creative impulses. Our mission will be to visualize and sense our actual physical anatomy, to integrate this new awareness without effort, and to use that as a spring board to creating new expanded movement possibilities in our dance, and in our daily lives.

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About ERIK


Erik is an internationally renowned teacher of 5Rhythms movement meditation having taught in 15 countries. He completed the first training with Gabrielle Roth in 1988, which he co-founded. Eriks teachings are grounded and inspired by over 35 years of structural bodywork practice. Erik is a member of faculty of the 5 Rhythms teacher training focusing on somatic education. Additionally he completed a 2 year Leadership and Transformation program of the Hendricks Institute. In over 35 years of bodywork practice he has done over 10.000 one-to-one sessions, including Gabrielle and Jonathan. 

Erik is himself a gifted athlete and dancer and brings his unique warmth, enthusiasm and playful spirit to his teaching. He is a master of creating a safe and fun space for exploration , discovery and learning with ease.